Psyche ROM

Psyche ROM
Author: Jan Wilhelm Vahl
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ISBN: 9783982566702.
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Product Description

Psyche ROM is a radioplay losely based on the poem “Ultraviolet“, which was written in 2020 as part of the process of the installation “Oh that I could“. The text imagines a secular reflection of an intelligent device working in mining on 16Psyche and living in an ATP* unit orbiting the asteroid.
The character maintains a mythical, nostalgic memory culture of the Anthropocene as a spiritual origin. The play acousticly revolves around the question of whether artificial intelligence would reach a point that, triggered by phenomena inexplicable to the machine, would give rise to the need to define theistic concepts.

The recorded sounds are a sonic fiction that represents a collection of the device's memories and unconscious. The record addresses the question of whether the subjective aesthetic experience has the potential to be stored or remembered in an auditory way.

* adenosine triphosphate

1. Prolog, Am Wegrand 02:55
2. Kleine Kammer 07:04
3. Brandung 01:51
4. Mondstaub 05:11
5. Lichtbach 07:55
6. Sonnennebel 09:11
7. Moos 13:13

released September 13, 2023

Mastered by Mark Bihler, Calyx Berlin.
© & ℗ Jan Wilhelm Vahl, 2023.
HRNG 001. ISBN 9783982566702.