Profonda Pulsione (EP)

Profonda Pulsione (EP)
Author: Tagliabue
Publisher: Bless You
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Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 250 g
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Product Description

Contemporary dancefloor oriented production's by Milan's Joseph Tagliabue featuring top class trance influenced electronic landscapes.

Tagliabue’s impeccable groove and sound design combines avant-garde techno and trance aural textures. He arrives on Sound Metaphors’ Bless You label with four new pieces which mark once again his out-of-the-box music approach. A mix of ancestral weaves of Profonda Pulsione, unsettling atmospherics of Plasma and dense hypnotism of Medusa, Onda Sotto’s dominated by enveloping rhythms and transcendental atmosphere. Layered tracks that flowing over alternating cycles, the EP forms a collection of heavy sounds programmed for releasing deep unconscious pulsions and responding to the violence of the world, though not necessarily rationally.