Platforms of Reality

Platforms of Reality
Author: Heaven Baek
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Language: Englisch, Korean
Pages: 208
Size: 28 x 23 cm
Weight: 950.0000 kg
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ISBN: 9783775756495
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Product Description

Platforms of Reality is a multi-layered analysis and interpretationof Heaven Baek's work, which explores how individualsand society interact both in reality and on stage.It ranges from the artist's early works to her most recentpractice, in which she questions the reality of video timelines,instant realities, and collective memories. Her wellscriptedperformances are spatial visualizations of theflood of real information that has somehow lost its purposeand meaning.
The book is divided into four chapters, each exploring adifferent sense of reality and bringing together her artisticapproaches. The metaphor of the platform can beimagined as stages for her work, where trains depart fromdifferent tracks with different destinations, crossing pathsas they meet continuously. Baek attempts to permeatesocial collectives with her research and artistic methods-from drawing to video to installation.

HEAVEN BAEK (*1984, Busan, South Korea) studied Media Arts in Melbourne, and received her Master's degree from the Glasgow School of Art. She uses staged reality to bring her videos and installations to fruition, magnifying mechanisms of society and social interaction. She lives and works in Seoul and Berlin.