Author: Palatti
Publisher: Moving Multiples
Size: 30 x 21.5 cm
Weight: 980 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789078020004
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Product Description

It is late summer, together we stroll over the hill at Birli, along the Moosbach and the Goldach, we converse in various languages, and wander through the forest. We meander. We find mushrooms in the undergrowth, stones and snake sticks. We climb over fences, cross brooks and gaze into the water. We arrive at the Chastenloch, this mystical meeting point of trails, and we drink cider. Then we go our separate ways, taking the explorations and findings of the day to the next stage (…) From: Moving Palatti by Ursula Badrutt

The artist network Palatti proudly presents a new publication - a follow-up project to the 2013 residency at the Birli. From May-October Palatti was working in East Switzerland at the house of Dr. René und Renia Schlesinger Foundation in Wald, Appenzell in the framework of the 500 years anniversary festivities and the culture project Ledi - The Traveling Stage. The artists took the experience and their individual project as starting points for the artist booklets that have been developed for this publication.

Aurelio Kopainig - Wald (some kind of forest)
Julia Mensch - Bibliothek
Musquiqui Chihying - The Political Brain Constitution
Nicolas Novali - Incubatio
Betty Ras - Peek Mountain
Barbara Signer - Mi Casa Es Tu Casa
Paul Steenberghe - Appenzeller Metzgete
Text by Ursula Badrutt - Palatti bewegen/Moving Palatti