Pages #6: Eventual Spaces

Pages #6: Eventual Spaces
Author: Nasrin Tabatabai, Babak Afrassiabi
Publisher: Pages Magazine
Language: English, Farsi
Pages: 112
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ISBN: 15733165
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Product Description

Pages #6, September 2007


This issue of Pages is in general about space and practice, spaces of events and productions, of disclosures and enclosures. Some of the questions that went through our minds, which may remain unanswered but undoubtedly are unfolded in this issue of Pages were:

What is an art space when art and its practice – in circumstances like those of Iran – is continuously overwhelmed by discontinuity, spatial closure and by its own historical rift? Can an art space constitute interludes of presence and practice? Are these interludes, discontinuous as they may be, capable of introducing a rift into the spatial closure? When does a space become a discursive space? To what extent did – and does – modernity provide the paradigm for the production of space for art?

In looking into the issues raised in these questions we could not escape the echoing of the historical dilemmas that have haunted cultural production in Iran, and continue to affect contemporary practitioners. What follows are on the one hand re-prints of past magazines and newspaper clippings that reflect conflicts of architecture design, predicaments of the social engagement of art, ideological convictions and displacements in art, and the discontinuities in modernist paradigms and their practices. These reprints coincide with a series of dialogues that we have conducted with practitioners in art and culture, architecture and urban planning. What these dialogues have in common is the contemporaneity of their discussions with a historical postponement of a certain modernity. Yet the practices and experiences that are talked about in these dialogues are all affected with the possibility of an eventual gain.

As with past issues, this is a continuation of Pages’ previous concerns and an unfolding of an ongoing discussion that will be further developed in upcoming editions and projects.


Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi

The Font Crisis
Conversation between Farhad Fozouni, Hamed Yusefi and Pages

The city and social presentation of art:A glance at Ghandriz Gallery experience
Reprint: Goftogou, Quarterly

The capacity and the Expanse 2
Reprint: Roodaki magazine

The Wall Project
Kaveh Rashidzade

Urban Spaces of Event
Conversation between Morvarid Ghassemi and Pages

Art + Art
Koorosh Shishegaran

The Issue:Iranian vs.Western Design
Reprint: Art & Architecture magazine

Interior Decoration
Reprint: Architect magazine

Apadana gallery and the course of a newspaper
Reprints from differnt newspapers in 1949، Compiled by Pages

The Unitary message of the artists. A Short excursion at the Exhibitions Held on the Occasion of Dahe-ye Fajr
Reprint: Art Quarterly

Pathology of art space [an Iranian case]
A converstation between Barbad Gholshiri, Hamed Yousefi, Shahab Fotouhi and Pages