One step before ending

One step before ending
Author: Rei
Language: English / Japanese
Pages: 60
Size: 26 x 16.8 cm
Weight: 250 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

This photo book tells the story of light and darkness and their cycles through photographs and magic realist narratives.

"There is a space about to take me in. It is not visible, but something vague. Countless invisible existences are shaping the landscape around me.
When things emerge into light and dissolve into darkness, I call them ‘One step before ending.’
People tend to pay attention to things that appear in light. What gives them light is the surrounding darkness. What exists now is the overlapping of what has been and what will be. Our surrounding landscape is this process, in endless cycles.”
– excerpt from "One step before ending”

Designed by Sou Numata
Translated by Catherine Harrington, Koharu Kashiwagi, Sharar Lazima, Tenko, Nils Junji, mira

Rei works, mainly through photography and video, with the visual representation of magic realism narratives on the themes of circulation and ‘non-anthropocentrism’. The artist also creates installations and performances dealing with light and darkness.