Oceanic/E.L.M. (Cd)

Oceanic/E.L.M. (Cd)
Author: Sydney Spann
Publisher: reading group
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Size: 14 x 14 cm
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Product Description

Reading Group is very happy to present Oceanic/E.L.M., the third solo record by New York-based sound artist Sydney Spann (b. 1994, Baltimore). Sydney’s previous recorded work has appeared on Ehse Records, She Rocks!, and live work has been commissioned by Issue Project Room. Oceanic/E.L.M. is a meticulously assembled passage through various half-inhabited interior spaces, a dreamlike series of rooms and corners that teeter on the edge of sliding into nightmare. Strikingly detailed but always understated, spilling into uncanny pools of song that dissipate into accumulated layers of dusty wallpaper. A really fascinating and strange document.

Released December 3, 2021

Recorded by Sydney Spann May 2019 - December 2020
Drawings by Aidan, Reece, Jackson and Grier Spann
Mastered by Matt Bachmann
Released by reading group, readinggroup.co, rg20, in December 2021

1. October 2 at Home 08:37
2. All that Wonderful Rot 05:02
3. Dry Creek Well 09:44
4. Fog Off Cedar Bonnet 11:40
5. Seikilos Song during Thunderstorm 05:59