Author: Shingo Yoshida
Publisher: void+
Language: English / Japanese
Pages: -
Size: 14.7 x 21 cm
Weight: 37 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €8.00
Product Description

NOWHERENOW is a book accompanying the first solo exhibition in Japan, also titled NOWHERENOW, by this artist based primarily in France and Germany. Yoshida's practice consists mainly of video works with a strong element of performance directly documenting the artist's way of life. Presented here are three works, including a new offering.

Yoshida is constantly attempting to verify his own existence in different countries and societies; as a parasite, incubating in societies and situations, absorbing all, passing it through the filter of his own remembered experience, then feeding it back into "proof of existence" in the form of his works.

The new work at this show was produced in a place called Oiyakaha in the Amazonian jungle in Brazil. Due in part to an unexpected turn of events in an almost unimaginably challenging jungle environment, Yoshida's three-week survival sojourn in this place come to by chance and lacking running water or electricity prompted a new regeneration of the self and reconstruction of circumstances, via self-destructive behavior. The result is a work of raw, unrelenting realism.