NOIT – 2: Burning

NOIT – 2: Burning
Author: Lisa Le Feurve (Ed.)
Publisher: Flat Time House & Camberwell press
Language: English
Pages: 107
Size: 14 x 21.5 cm
Weight: 192 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9871908971340
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Product Description

Comprised of new writing, artists’ contributions and original research, NOIT explores the theoretical concerns and artwork of John Latham, and their continued relevance. Published biannually, NOIT Journal invites a guest editor to propose a theme for each issue and together with FTHo, invite writers, academics and artists to contribute new work. Like the programming of FTHo, content is focused on subject areas that deal with the role of the artist; time and temporality; art and science; language; and value and belief systems – all enduring themes of particular concern to Latham.

Essays include: Donald Smith on fire and light in the work of Derek Jarman; Claire Louise Staunton on John Latham's 'Skoob Ceremonies'; Jo Melvin on Dennis Oppenheim; Marin R. Sullivan on Alberto Burri's 'Combustioni', Lucy Reynolds on Annabel Nicolson's 'Matches'; and Ursula Strobele on pyrotechnics in contemporary art. In addition, NOIT–2 Burning includes interviews with William Raban on Stephen Cripps, and with Annea Lockwood on her 'Piano Burnings'; and visual contributions by artists Anthony McCall, Camila Sposati and Marlie Mul. Also included with NOIT is a DVD documenting a series of recent ‘Skoob’ performances undertaken as experiments in relation to the recent exhibition, God is Great (10 -19) – John Latham and Neal White at Portikus in Frankfurt.