Neither Nor

Neither Nor
Author: Kasper Andreasen
Publisher: -
Language: -
Pages: 472
Size: 18.5 x 24.5 cm
Weight: 1.0000 kg
Binding: -
Price: €600.00
Product Description

Neither Nor is a sketchbook that collects scribbles, marks and traces made over the period of one year, drawings that could be considered as registrations of the drawer’s state of mind at the time. The difference and repetition of gestures create typologies while the title alludes to the transitive form of the drawings. In the video Neither Nor, the image is accompanied by aleatory music played on an organ, creating a somber atmosphere. Video made in collaboration with Hanne Lippard.

Artist's book and video, Maastricht/Berlin, 2005/2011
Book: pencil, screen print (cover),
video: 3’ 50’’ (w/ sound),
ed: 1 + 1 a.p.