Vision's Fugitives (LP)

Vision's Fugitives (LP)
Author: Sensations' Fix
Publisher: Sound of Cobra
Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 450 g
Binding: -
Price: €18.00
Product Description

Repress of 1977 album by Italian prog/kraut rock band Sensations' Fix, featuring an entire new mix by Franco Falsini. Franco Falsini's Sensations' Fix are one of the most mysterious and enthralling entities to come out of the rich Italian '70s prog rock scene.

Unless many of their contemporaries such as PFM, Le Orme or Osanna which leaned heavily on the British sound of prog giants ELP, Genesis or Soft Machine, Sensations' Fix music was always more akin to the experimental tendencies of German krautrock bands like Neu!, Can, Amon Düül II or the more adventurous directions those musicians took with later projects such as Cluster or La Düsseldorf.

Released April 18, 2017