Untitled (2014-2016) / GRT7

Untitled (2014-2016) / GRT7
Author: Daniela Orvin
Publisher: Gravity's Rainbow Tapes
Size: 17 x 12.5 cm
Weight: 118 g
Binding: -
Price: €7.00
Product Description

“A journey with personal statements.”

“Untitled (2014-2016)” is a collection of six musical works, written and/or performed by Daniela Orvin. Selected and curated by sound-artists Thomas Radam & Benjamin Duester, owners of “Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes” label from Berlin.

“Untitled (2014-2016)” is a musical journey which starts with a dark sound work, travels through Ambient, Classical and Neo classical piano pieces, and ends with a song, in which Orvin sings in Hebrew. It’s a journey full of personal statements, self reflective like fragments from a diary. A diary written in Berlin, and inspired by the same state of mind that influences her atmospheric minimal and minor art.

Daniela Orvin is a Berlin/Tel Aviv based musician and artist. She was born in Berlin and grew up in Ismaning (near Munich) and Herzeliya (Israel) . She studied art and photography at Westminster University in London and“Midrasha” art college, near Tel Aviv. After graduating she co founded “d&a Gallery for Contemporary Photography” in Tel Aviv. Exhibited solo shows and participated in group exhibitions. Last year, her art works were sold at the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Orvin started playing the piano at age six. Since she moved back to Berlin at the end of 2012, she has been concentrated in writing her own music. Recently she started composing for short films and also wrote music for a documentary made by polish filmmaker Kamil Markiewicz, which will premiere later this year in Berlin. Her tracks
have been broadcast on Israeli radio stations such as KZradio, Kol Ha’kampus (106 FM) and 109 FM. This is her debut release.

Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes is a label for tape releases based in Berlin. Founded as a tribute to Thomas Pynchon by sound-artists Thomas Radam and Benjamin Duester , it’s focus lies on releasing documents of non-music defined as all forms of non-traditional development processes. All Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes releases are based on devotion to the medium and subject. They come in small amounts to guarantee a high standard of D.I.Y. quality.

Release Date: 01.12.17
Released as fifty limited edition cassettes by “Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes”. With a photo print photographed by Orvin in Iceland, and a download code.