North Vol.02 (cassette)

North Vol.02 (cassette)
Author: Mika Vainio et al.
Publisher: Logos
Size: 7 x 11 cm
Weight: 100 g
Binding: -
Price: €18.00
Product Description

Edition of 100 copies, mastered by Miles.

Logos isolates and interrogates experimental techno functions on an uncompromising 2nd volume of his keen studio research series, taking inspiration from the primal, minimal brutalism of Mika Vainio, Panasonic, Sähkö and Topdown Dialectic.

Getting ever deeper inside his Nord Modular G1 after 2021’s ‘North Vol.1’, Logos follows-up with a new suite of productions veering between looped and spheric bleep techno and blasts of icy distortion. Shelling manic, shearing modem-noise in ‘G1 Rungle’, we find purest Sleepachive variations in the run of ‘G1 Warehouse’, ‘Zone 2’, and the lop-sided ‘Gamma Version’, while a palate cleanser of atom-smashing movements in ‘Pointil’ hearkens to his work as part of The Sprawl for The Death of Rave.

‘Rollers Instinct’ dials down his D&B inspirations to the sleekest Ø style tool, while ‘Schaffel’ and ’Stuck’ tinker with the parameters of Wolfgang Voigt’s Studio 1 productions with clinical obsession. It’s all dry and minimal to the extreme, providing an almost forensic investigation of form and function in a way that feels ripe for re-evaluation following that early 2000’s Sähkö-aping frenzy.