Maury Island Reverie (cassette)

Maury Island Reverie (cassette)
Author: Prophetas
Publisher: Sucata Tapes
Size: 7 x 11 cm
Weight: 60 g
Binding: -
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Product Description

Having recently retired from his most prolific moniker Gonzo, Gonçalo F Cardoso keeps busy and plowing ahead into an ominous 2020 with the second tape from his new concept: Prophetas.

Inspired by visionary/paranoid cult figures, modern/new idiosyncratic figures as symbols of hope/despair for the uncertain times of the new decade.

Where the first tape compilation (Reveal, Accept, Remember, Forget) revived mid 50’s ideas (UFO sightings, suburbia, space race) this new work reshuffles the now established paranoia to new heights by positioning itself in early 90’s disillusionment: mall culture, X-Files, rampant consumerism and late night cable TV.

The new past/present memories finally laying the groundwork for the ubiquitous fake prophets of the 21st century: silicon valley types, Apple, Google, Facebook – the new cults – all filtered through an overused 90’s fragmented lens.

Artwork by Evan Crankshaw
Mastered by Daniel Garcia

‘History is the price we pay for progress. If the future should ever come to stay again, it will only be to haunt us’
– Ken Hollings in Welcome to Mars