Les Prières Liquides + Sacrilège Vénération Vol. 5 (2 x Cassette Box)

Les Prières Liquides + Sacrilège Vénération Vol. 5 (2 x Cassette Box)
Author: DJ Fusiller x Fusiller
Publisher: Editions Gravats
Size: 11 x 14 cm
Weight: 150 g
Binding: -
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Product Description

DJ Fusiller plumbs the depths of the french avant garde with a mad double tape of dream-woven collage and original material, where the binds of sur/reality get deeply frayed - a strong RIYL Luc Ferrari, Ghédalia Tazartès, Oï les Ox, ÉLG, BZMC, Dominique Lawalrée.

Sister in spirit and scope to the mind-bending mixtape ’Sacrilège Vénération Vol.1’ (2020), this ‘DJ Fusiller vs Fusiller’ double tape clasps the aspects of Jo Tanz’ practice as DJ and musician (with the likes of Reines D’Angleterre and Opéra Mort) in a properly mystifying session of psychedelic storytelling.

The session spreads across 66 minutes of enchanting, glued-together concrète ephemera and wigged-out original material that possesses similarly bewitching, bezzzzonkkkked qualities primed for intrepid listeners. They hail an unmistakeable sense of authority to his mixtapes while betraying a background steeped in the contemporary avant alongside fellow visionaries Ghédalia Tazartès & ÉLG, both carrying a torch of inspiration from classic french philosophy and mindsets that’s long expressed itself thru France’s interrelated, syncretised frameworks of art, literature, film, and music.

On the first tape "Les Prières Liquides" features Fusiller with 30 mins of original music flowing deep into the tenderised subconscious thru its matrix of synth textures and spangled electro-acoustic wizardry. In 10 parts he probes and torments finer integers of emotion, fleeting from horror score organ soused in salty noise to passages of bittersweet noise and rapid ear/eye movements that jog the memory’s nether regions in a persistent flux of wonder. We wager that a dose of your preferred HD goggles will enhance the effect, but are not necessary to get right inside the work, which keenly projects and imprints itself on the fantasy mindset.

The second tape is the 5th volume of DJ Fusiller’s french-music-only mixtape series, here deploying a reverie of allusive sonic signposts that act as an ideal counterpart for the album. Via avant cinematic jump cuts from field recordings to cosmic noise, mythologic alpine sirens and voice-in-your-head intimations, he conjures impossible leaps of the imagination that recall the poetry of Luc Ferrari as much as Trevor Duncan’s ‘La Jetée’ soundtrack in his beguiling, non-linear logic and lushly immersive scene-setting for what’s to come.