L.Zylberberg / Belia Winnewisser – PE-010

L.Zylberberg / Belia Winnewisser – PE-010
Author: L.Zylberberg / Belia Winnewisser
Publisher: Präsens Editionen
Weight: 30 g
Binding: -
Price: €9.50
Product Description

PE-010 is a split tape between Belia Winnewisser and L.Zylberberg with two sides, that both are pretty trippy and stroke our soft spot for esotericism.

„Chatter“, a 15-miuntes balearic/electro-jam by L.Zylberberg, feels like a warm handshake between Manuel Göttsching and Heinrich Müller. L.Zylberberg does ring a bell? Then you’ve probably run into her at Berlin hotspots like Sameheads, O Tannenbaum or Griessmühle.
The other side of the tape features three synth-pop-y oddballs by Belia Winnewisser that are equally fragil, haunting and strong, and they sit somewhere between the smell of melted butter and having a nude jog. Belia is a Lucerne-based artist that is part of α=f/m (alongside Rolf Laureijs) and goth-outfit Evje, among other projects.

The split tape marks the 10th audio-release of Präsens Editionen. Black ink printed on pink cassette, housed in a glossy cardboard slipcase featuring calligraphic designs by Kaj Lehmann.

Format: Professionally dubbed cassette tape
Edition: 100
Release date: October 6, 2017