ECCHERECCA' III - United Tribes '94 (cassette)

ECCHERECCA' III - United Tribes '94 (cassette)
Author: Paul Daley
Publisher: MBE series
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Size: 11 x 7 cm
Weight: 54 g
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Price: €10.00
Product Description

C60 astonishing hard-dreaming live recording of Paul Daley from Leftfield playing at a warehouse party held in Napoli by United Tribes in '94.


"1994. "Prima del tempo perche' il tempo si e' fermato!" The end of Industrial Age is ECCHERECCA' III (WTF is this?! in Neapolitan).The scene is pre-apocalyptic. A huge warehouse, former premises of Alfa Romeo and symbol of industrial decline. Each and every member of United Tribes works in unison. The set design is nuts. The trees have been drenched in silver paint. A stage with a fence barrier that seems like something out of Blade Runner and a sound system of 20,000 turbo watts. ECCHERECCA' III is also a moment of musical experimentation and cultural unions.

In this Tape you are holding you can listen to Paul Daley’s performance as it reaches the epic levels that the situation demands. Space seems infinite. The flash is imposing. The sound bounces off the metal and perforates the imaginary forest where 3000 tribal kids dance in unison.

Ivan’s yells from the megaphones of the United Tribes management announce the vision: “What time is it in Naples now? It’s time to progress! The Psychic TV screen! This is the end of industrial age! This is the House evolution! Let’s house! What time is it in Napoli? 1994! We’re neither in London nor in Washington. We’re not in New York and we’re not in Cairo. We’re neither in Brussels nor in Amsterdam. We are not in Riccione. We are in Napoli! Ecchereccà III”.

When the infinite night is coming to an end a huge cold blast arrives in the gigantic warehouse. Physical and psychological. Shock. Are we inside or outside this dream? United Tribes was preparing the epilogue of its short but intense story."