Author: Prequel Tapes
Publisher: Mare Nero + Prequel Tapes
Language: English
Pages: 38
Size: 16.5 x 13 cm
Weight: 904 g
Binding: -
Price: €30.00
Product Description

Prequel Tapes x Mare Nero Dinge, is a multidisciplinary project exploring an ascendancy of musical influences through the artist’s own lens, applied in two different time frames.

Presented as a limited edition physical package formed of an audio cassette tape, accompanying book and a handcrafted steel casing, Dinge comprises three unreleased tracks from 1991 and three compositions recorded in 2018, introduced together as time-displaced manifestations of the same story.

By revisiting the unreleased works of his formative years, and as such unearthing the roots of his creative process, Prequel Tapes deconstructs the origins of his identity, exposing himself to brutally honest examinations of his ongoing work and its motivations. Fascinated by both the charm and imperfection of his earliest music, he uses the exact same analogue setup twenty seven years later to create three one-take recordings, interrogating his own relationship to the past in a candid documentation of personal history. Mare Nero expand these notions further with repurposed photographs and new artworks.

Limited Edition of 50 copies
Iron Case 15,5 x 12,5 x 3 cm
37 pages booklet
1 postcard


- 1991 (A)
God Human Nature
The End

- 2018 (B)
It Has To Stop
Until Zeit