Mr.Peña / —Nilbog – 7-Split (7”)

Mr.Peña / —Nilbog – 7-Split (7”)
Author: Mr.Peña
Publisher: Präsens Editionen
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Product Description

With 7-Split Präsens Editionen presents two tracks from Basel-based rave connoisseur Fabian Peña.

After digging deep into his vast archive, Präsens Editionen found two gems that are particularly striking: a live recording from a collaborative noise project called —Nilbog and a Mr.Mitch-like peace-dub of Gabber under his Mr.Peña moniker.
As —Nilbog Peña approaches—together with collaborator L.A.B.—noise and rhythms with a very specific set of rules, while at the same time trying to break out of them. „Liverecording 02/11/16“ is an example of this polar approach: an ever-changing, unpredictable and as-harsh-AND-fun-as-it-gets piece of music. On the flipside Peña lets loose, aiming at hardcore dance floors while balancing between fight-or-flight terror and pacifying joy. It is a fact: „TMC (The Markt Chornicles)“ is the sweetest thing that’ll tear you apart this year.

Edition: 300
Format: Vinyl, 7”
Artwork: Mr.Peña, —Nilbog