Mousse #34 - a Documenta (13) Issue

Mousse #34 - a Documenta (13) Issue
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Publisher: Mousse Publishing
Language: English / Italian
Size: 26.5 x 37.5 cm
Weight: 850 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

. An Image / Un'immagine: Notes Towards dOCUMENTA (13) by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
. About Brain: For When All That Was Read Was… so as Not to Be Unknown by Judith Barry
. Antoni Cumella, More Matter with Less Art by Chus Martínez
. Bactrian Princesses, Body Hands Open by Jan Verwoert
. Faivovich & Goldberg, Alreadymade by Alessandro Rabottini
. Karen Barad, Intra-actions by Adam Kleinman
. Documenta, Documenta Stationery by Julian Myers
. Hannah Ryggen, Art with a Purpose: Notes on Hannah Ryggen’s Tapestries by Maria Lind
. Lee Miller, Averting and Voiding: Lee Miller, Munich, April 1945 by Dieter Roelstraete
. Emily Jacir, Abandoned Property by Eva Scharrer
. Two Hundred Years of Mad Traveling by John Menick
. Breitenau, Breitenau – Long a Place of Imprisonment and Isolation by Gunnar richter
. Clemens Von Wedemeyer, The Site Creates Simultaneity by Bert Rebhandl
. Sanja Iveković, She - Me - We by Catherine Wood
. Dora García, The Work Is There by Anna Daneri
. Boris Groys and Franco Berardi Bifo, Art and the Social Sphere by Boris Groys and Franco Berardi Bifo
. Maurizio Lazzarato, We Are All Indebted by Jens Hoffmann
. Amy Balkin, Atmospheric Monument by Ana Teixeira Pinto
. Michael Hardt, Practices of Love by Jens Hoffmann
. Siege, Under Constant Surveillance by Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Trevor Paglen, Laura Poitras
. Mario Garcia Torres,It by Juan Gaitán
. Francis Alÿs, From Collapse to Recovery by Francis Alÿs, Andrea Viliani, Ajmal Maiwandi
. When Is Now? by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Chus Martínez, Christoph Menke
. Lara Favaretto / Goshka Macuga, Momentary Monuments and Half-Truths by Andrea Viliani
. Afghan Films, To “Not Wait for the Archive”... by Shaina Anand & Ashok Sukumaran, Faiza Ahmad Khan, Mariam Ghani
. Kader Attia, Repairing, Rebirthing by Koyo Kouoh
. Abraham Cruzvillegas, A Fortuitous Encounter with Color in the Street: Interview with Abraham Cruzvillega by Andrew Berardini
. Alexander Tarakhovsky, Epigenetic Reset by Hans Ulrich Obrist
. Anton Zeilinger, The Beauty of Quantum Mechanics by Chus Martínez
. Retreat, Communality and Retreat by Ute Meta Bauer and Kitty Scott
. Francesco Matarrese, On Withdrawal by Cesare Pietroiusti
. Khaled Hourani, Picasso in Palestine by Jack Persekian
. Wael Shawky In History: From Translation to Linguistic Analysi by Sarah Rifky
. Monologues of Remembrance by Yasmine El Rashidi