MJUBOYS zine #5

MJUBOYS zine #5
Author: Mjuboys
Language: English
Size: 24 x 18.5 cm
Weight: 350 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

edition of 120 numbered and signed

" If you think about the role of photography in society today, it's inevitable to Consider the place of the photographic image within the landscape particularly, as it exists in relation to digitally produced images. Nowadays, photo-based media, on a large scale, dissolves into digital image making. Thanks to this, the internet has evolved to be the medium medium to accommodate the presentation, circulation, and reception of photography. To take pictures and get in touch with each other. This question is about the topic: why the motivation to print pictures on paper for a small amount of people, when you can digitize them on your screen and distributed to a broad audience all over the world? The motivation seems odd, even more so because of the cumbersome and costly process of producing a waste of time and labor. Yet I argue,

In a zine, the picture is exposed to the ultimate shape and limited space of its analog medium, which forces distinct ideas of order and modes of representation. In the process of image selection, the redundancy of the motives must be kept to a minimum, while leaving the serial quality uncompromised. The outcome as a durable and meticulously manufactured material object gives testament to the valuable experiences of its creators. The tangible qualities of the finished product - its weight in the hand, the turning of the pages - invoke a serious interaction on the behalf of the reader. The wear and tear is a result of its repeated use makes every single piece of history. Because of those qualities,

introduction by Daniel Schütz