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Product Description

MJUBOYS Zine #3, 2018
Edition of 100

The mju is a camera which, thanks to its small, uncomplicated body, is easy to conceal, carry
and draw. It is a perfect companion to document the personal experience of life. To pull, aim and shoot in a matter of seconds, gives the subject almost no time to prepare for a pose -
the immediate less time to fade away. Because of this, their images afford a sincere account of the lives of their photographers as participants. They can be seen as notes in a sketchbook, where they work to expose the candor of their lives and subjects. Behind this philosophy lies the spirit of the trickster inside both of these photographers that call themselves the mjuboys: playful, mischievous, subversive, and carnal explorers who are always on the hunt to satisfy a desire they themselves cannot name.