Matt Magazine #1

Matt Magazine #1
Author: Rudolf Belling
Language: German
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Product Description

Matt Magazine was a synthesis between fanzine and current affairs magazine. Text and pictures complemented each other, tackling complex and political subjects relevant to our times. All the texts in Matt were from previously published classic documents from the history of science and humanities. Xeroxed copies of extracts with occasional sections highlighted or circled in a purely subjective way were juxtaposed with images from a different source. Matt Magazine was in the tradition of critical concept art and is oriented towards the aesthetic of appropriation Art.

This was the magazine's website for at least 9 issues.
Content is from the site's 2007 -2008 archived pages show the landing pages for the first seven issues.

"This is the periodical that introduced me to the science of cooking or the chemistry of the gourmet experience. I think the same issue had a piece on basic formulas for the attainment of political power as an underdog. I read about the best portable tire pump, and why Japanese beetles swarm. The piece on the risks created by medical research was frightening and argued for using only the best medical disposal services to prevent biohazardous contamination of our immediate environment. Turns out our hospitals generate a huge amount of medical waste that must be handled properly to remain safe, so they are required to comply with a myriad of health and environmental regulations. Philip Martin's piece on why guitars sound different dependent on the weather was awesome and I've noticed the same thing with my harpsichord. The role that science plays in the understanding of our world is what this magazine emphasizes quite brilliantly." John Dickenson Levy