Martin Visser - verzamelaar – ontwerper – vrije geest

Martin Visser - verzamelaar – ontwerper – vrije geest
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Publisher: Bonnefantenmuseum
Language: Dutch / English
Pages: 260
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789072251008
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With contributions from:
Guus Vreeburg, Paula Feldman Sankoff, Carel Blotkamp, Francis Strauven

'The war has just ended. You are a furniture designer and live in a small village in Brabant somewhere on the border with Belgium. And business is going well. Just after the war you buy a painting by a certain Karel Appel. At that time still payable. Then later you buy a work by another young artist. Coincidentally, a number of Americans come to your village Bergeijk and have you make their minimalist sculptures as a furniture maker, with which you expand your collection a little further. Before you know it, a few years have passed and you have a collection of museum value with many resounding names in it. The story of Martin Visser (1922-2009) in a nutshell.

With this, the Bonnefantenmuseum brings in an incredibly beautiful museum collection of works, where it seems as if Visser has only purchased top work. This also results in an incredibly 'safe' exhibition. However, this is due to the fact that Visser's collection is not so safe, it is the other way around. Visser was often ahead of his time and in fact time only now seems to be catching up with him.

An exhibition that shows how sharp the eye of some collectors is for avant-garde. A pleasant thought that they will still be around and will also be so progressive.'

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