Act Magazine Issue 6 - STARE

Act Magazine Issue 6 - STARE
Author: Wassim Fakhoury
Publisher: See The ACT Creative Studios
Language: English
Pages: 120
Size: 33 x 24
Weight: 700 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

What is really the borderline between dreaming and fantasizing? What is it that you see when you look into someone's eyes? Do you ever wonder if we perceive colors the same way?

New York City proves everyone to be right. It's the city of contradictions dancing together in perfect harmony and synchronization. In the city where Psychics and organic food markets, street postering with all graffiti and colors coexist together, sex and I sex shops exist in the same exact way. It's the city where you can be whatever you want to be and yet be able to find someone with whom you can belong and share same interests and passion. You can be an alien, and you will, for sure, find your tribe of beautiful aliens and mystical creatures.

But what if you choose to exist from the point of view of an “OBSERVER"! You open your tarot cards, and the first card you get is the magician, followed by the moon and the observer. You choose to follow your path, and observe the city unfold its stories to you as you walk by a small neighborhood in the lower east side. You take a small break, you sit on the bench in the park, and a simple scan of the buildings surrounding you: covered in graffiti, long windows, like a display in a museum: "The art of unveiling Unveiling stories, fantasies, and dreams.

"One night I was sitting by my window, having a beer, when I saw across the streets, my neighbors making love. There was two of them, and then there was four, and they had a really good time. They really didn't care if I was watching or not. Not only me, but anyone. They existed in their own dimension. And they had FUN. And that's when I decided to make use of my binoculars. I had them for years and never knew what to do with it. I saw all the birds in the park, and all the Christmas decorations. But now, I put them into their real purpose: to STARE": She told me one Sunday over brunch in the West Village.

STARE, the sixth ACT: a documentation of an observation, is a discovery journey, a peek into some windows and some stories. Some teenage fantasies turned into random realities and abstract existence. When you decide to take some time off everything and just observe or stare if you like, you might find one or two windows that might interest you. If you have the courage, you might as well share their privacy and discover your reality through the eyes of your neighbors. The people across. Those you never run into, the friends that you really know but never spoke to. You really know them to the point you know how they react and what time they shower.

"Demons play": the tango between the city and the story of light, the battle between right and wrong depending on your point of view, the harmony in architecture between modern and historic, the shadow of skyscrapers and short bodegas. The underground and Highrise of the city, ready to give you whatever you want, the city that answers your call. Where would you stand with your binoculars? This issue of ACT reveals itself, tear the pages and write your own story.

Wassim Fakhoury
The Sixth issue of ACT magazine
STARE is the introduction to Demons play: the story of angels and demons, the borderline between reality and imagination, the tango between shadow and light.

"STARE"-A DOCUMENTATION OF AN OBSERVATION: The place: New York, the tale of time and observation. How many times you wished you could use the superpower of teleportation so you can be inside your neighbours house, sharing intimate moments with them. Our Sixth issue with its big format features art photography produced on Film ( Portra 400, Cinestill 1800, Kodak film 200) and I-Phone with the added feature of detachable rip out papers ready to frame. Enjoy the experience and will see you in the next Chapter.