Odious Rot Issue 3 Troubled Waters

Odious Rot Issue 3 Troubled Waters
Author: Odious Rot
Language: English
Pages: 138
Size: 27 x 20,5 cm
Weight: 510 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 27523500
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Price: €23.00
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Product Description

Coming from the fire-lit warmth of OR2 Weapons & Self Protection, Odious Rot retreat to the coolness of underground caves, tidal pools and reservoir tanks. OR3 Troubled Waters is a tribute to the damp, the dank and the wet—a titanium trove dredged up from the deep.

Odious Rot is a community-focused magazine fossilising independent creatives in print. Heavily informed by world-building, each yearly issue exists as a self-contained system, within which contributors share commentary on their own work.

Odious Rot welcomes all modes of design practice, performance, poetry, prose and cultural observation in response to a chosen theme. Devoid of big brand advertising, we prioritise the practitioner, holding space for the unsung talent we feel is owed more light. A printed relic of this moment, now.