Extended Caption (DDDG)

Extended Caption (DDDG)
Author: Stuart Bailey (ed.)
Publisher: Roma Publications
Language: English
Size: 34,5 x 24,5 cm
Weight: 1.2000 kg
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789077459379
Price: €120.00
Product Description

This book was published on the seventh occasion of Stuart Bailey showing a group of artifacts whose only objective connection is that they have appeared in the pages of Dot Dot Dot, a magazine Bailey edits since its conception in 2000. To exhibit a composition of individual images is the result of the fundamental idea to invert the regular hierarchy of the magazine, where texts are generally primary and images secondary. The book therefore contains a color reproduction of the exhibition wall with all 43 artifacts, as well as reproductions of 43 previously published Dot Dot Dot articles, systematically presented as captions to these artifacts. With an introduction by Stuart Bailey and a statement by Jan Verwoert. Book design by Roger Willems and Sam de Groot. Texts in English and Portuguese.