Bulletins of The Serving Library #9

Bulletins of The Serving Library #9
Author: Stuart Bailey, Angie Keefer, David Reinfurt (Eds.)
Publisher: The Serving Library
Language: English
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Weight: 350 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

BULLETINS OF THE SERVING LIBRARY #9 tackles all manner of SPORTS. It kicks off with a commentary on New England Patriots controversial Quarterback Tom Brady in view of Ancient Greek ideas of heroism, and ends with seminal Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly's 1975 interview with Prime Minister Harold Wilson on the radio. In between, the issue slaloms around bodybuilding, bridge, ice hockey, tennis, darts, golf, reporting, running, drugs, rock climbing, basketball, and Pong.

Contributions by Kathy Acker, Stuart Bailey, David Reinfurt & Christoph Keller, Sarah Demeuse, Linus Elmes, Chris Evans, Rob Giampietro, Junior Aspirin Records, James Langdon, Vincenzo Latronico, Philip Ording, David Peace, Leila Peacock, Joe Scanlan, Justin Warsh & Miguel Abreu, and Carlin Wing.

This issue was generously supported by Kunsthaus Bregenz alongside a separate exhibition, Dexter Sinister, At 1:1 Scale.