Lust Product (vinyl)

Lust Product (vinyl)
Author: Simon Shreeve
Publisher: Downwards
Language: -
Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 300 g
Binding: -
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Price: €12.00
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Product Description

"Magnificient, sub heavy, Mønic prod. Techno / Ambient killers"

The producer behind Mønic and Kryptic Minds works under his own name on a crushingly physical testament to his knowledge of soundsystem dynamics and how to sustain knife-edge atmospheric tension. Dead heavy wares, somewhere between T++ and Raime, highly recommended!

The Lust Product EP offers four tracks of stare-down halfstep techno and grubby rolige that’s patently a product of so many years manning a DJ booth and dancefloor. Lessons learned from the hard edge of D&B and how to properly make the speakers shake are at the core of each cut, ruggedly manifest in the cement mixer churn and deathly groan of System Living, and tightly laced to the Fishermen-esque, slow techno-meets D&B-on-33 grind in Silver Sun - a fearsome addition to our 113bpm techno folder.

But when he steps aside from the ‘floor into more esoteric, dramatic headspaces and themes, he really proves himself a master of cinematic tension, recalling the most funereal rituals of Cut Hands in Lust Product’s stygian trudge and sweeping low register string arrangement, or breaching the quasi-speed doom dub zones of Raime in External Laws.