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Author: Lulu (Hian-Fui Lim)
Language: English
Pages: 23
Size: 12.5 x 30 cm
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Product Description

Every day amid COVID-19 seems so otherworldly, the new reality is with a hint of chaos and a surreal, intensified sense of alienation. The crisis has demanded collective changes in behavior and placed significant psychological distress on individuals. These unprecedented times face each and every one of us with shared and unique experiences.

I started this short series in the beginning of the lockdown in Denmark and therefore the project was done during quarantine. The work should be seen as a post-pandemic or post-humanist practice. As we have always been projecting outside of us, when the pandemic threw us into ourselves and faced us with seclusion, we had the chance to come into contact with what's going on around us inside us, to re-examine the boundaries minds, and to anticipate the heterogeneity of consciousness.

In addition to challenging the existing viewpoints, I hope my work would inspire the pursuit of a new balance to the conflicts within the self and between the self and otherness, as well as to provide an outlook to imagine a brighter future.

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Edition of 300