Líneas Cinéticas – Didascalias – Fondos

Líneas Cinéticas – Didascalias – Fondos
Author: Martin Vitaliti
Language: English-Spanish
Size: 15 x 21
Weight: 260 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788493843045 / 9788493843021 / 9788493695644
Price: €22.00
Product Description

Líneas Cinéticas, March 2009

This publication is a study of one of the temporal resources regularly used in comic to represent movement: kinetic lines. This edition puts together a selection of drawings in which kinetic lines from superhero comic books have been isolated using the digital erasure of the other elements on the rest of the page.
By isolating these elements from the rest of the information, they end up turning into independent objects. These abstractions are no more the context that gave sense to the main action, but the stars of a new story.

Didascalias, April 2013

This publication contains a selection of rectangular cartridges with temporal information which are commonly used in comics to include the voice of the narrator: the stage directions. These text boxes have been isolated from other information in the vignette.
Thus, these elements become independent objects, they no longer are clarifications to understand the timing of the main action and become the stars of a new narrative sequence.

Fondos, April 2013

This publication contains a selection of different comic vignettes in which the backgrounds have been isolated by deleting the characters that appeared in them. In these drawings, the space these characters occupied, has been digitally redrawn.
Thus, the scene is no longer secondary or just the context in which the main action takes place, but becomes the "subject" of the action.