Le Tapis (Fair Use)

Le Tapis (Fair Use)
Author: Pierre Leguillon
Publisher: Roma Publications
Language: English
Size: 22 x 22 cm
Weight: 150 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789491843273
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Price: €48.00
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Product Description

Distributed on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Museum of Mistakes: Contemporary Art and Class Struggle’, conceived by Pierre Leguillon and bringing together works he has created over the last fifteen years from reproduced images, this folding brochure/poster continues in this spirit by mimicking the economy of means and autonomy of images Leguillon deploys in his work. It proposes an exhibition model that attempts to foil or declassify the hierarchies of art, as each work is informed by a principle of movement, or even reversibility, and reflects a perpetual process of emitting and receiving information, spurring us to rethink the conditions of the reception of art.