Author: Kasper Andreasen
Publisher: Coop Fanzine & Motto Books
Language: English, Dutch
Pages: -
Size: 24 x 33 cm
Weight: 520 g
Binding: Hardcover
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Product Description

Coop Fanzine and Motto Books present a curatorial project by Jean-Max Colard & Antoine Dufeu.

What we call Exhibition Literature is a large scale of literary strategies and publications which penetrate the making process, the design and the landscape of the exhibition, from the exhibition's title to the wall and to the catalog.

Each box contains chosen pieces of a small exhibition of exhibition literature.


Land Route book (w/ an insert by Louis Lüthi),
(Land) Exhibition flyer,
(Land) Press release,
(Land) Exhibition guide,
An A2 Screen print.

Edition of 15, hand numbered and Signed

€180.00 + tax