Ladislav Drezdowicz Photographs

Ladislav Drezdowicz Photographs
Author: Ladislav Drezdowicz, Josef Moucha
Publisher: KANT
Language: English, Czech and German
Weight: 798 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788074371936
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Product Description

Ladislav Drezdowicz was born in Ostrava, grew up in Petrovice u Karviné and in 1968 left Czechoslovakia during the occupation of the country by the Warsaw Pact Troops. Basel in Switzerland has become his second home and the involuntary exile the lasting topic of his photography. “I don’t think it is in any way important to be Czech or Swiss. Essential is what is common to us all, what is connecting us,“ says Drezdowicz, who shows in his book photographs from various parts of the world.
Nevertheless, Drezdowicz is not a collector of impressive snapshots. The camera is his indispensable daily companion, whether he is travelling in India for some months or teaching English the Dalit children, or year after year returning to the Cape Verdean Islands. There he has made many a friend among those islanders who, away from the tourist spots, scratch out a living.
The book includes also pictures from his comebacks to Czechia, his journey to Tibet and his unusual look at the life in Switzerland depicted in his series poignantly called „Swiss Capriccios“.
Drezdowicz’s photo book relates a distinctive story of a man who has set on a journey on which, thanks to his regular meditation practice, calm and peace keep him company.