Krisis Orientation - Un progetto di unità di crisi

Krisis Orientation - Un progetto di unità di crisi
Author: Bazzani M.,Piazza F
Publisher: AIAP (Milano)
Language: Italian, English
Pages: 359
Size: 15 x 21 cm
Weight: 712.0000 kg
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788890583933
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Product Description

Man has always tried to build its own orientation within the world it inhabits. The complexity of reality and the immense amount of stimuli to which we are subjected requires constant selection of information deemed useful: the construction of the orientation is thus a task mostly eliminativa. Framing this complexity was conveyed in time linear language (in the form of narratives and myths), from classification systems (mainly taxonomic type), from graphical representations (atlases, guides and maps), etc. Over the last few decades these models came in crisis: the collapse of the great narratives precludes building a collective shared, dynamic classification systems make obsolete taxonomic, models the atlases and guides are giving way to navigation systems on demand. The crisis of direction arises from the complexity of correlations between several different emergencies, whose most visible effect is an overall tendency to fragmentation, individualisation, the selection, the separation, the monetarisation of social context.