Kashmihri Queens (LP - black)

Kashmihri Queens (LP - black)
Author: Muslimgauze
Publisher: Staalplaat
Language: -
Pages: -
Size: 31.3 x 31.3 cm
Weight: 350 g
Binding: -
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Price: €32.00
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Product Description

black vinyl edition

This one features eleven unnamed tracks across its sixty minutes of music. Once again, the packaging is a beauty to behold: a neat rainbow foil treatment is given to the front and back of the jewel case, with a thick-cut insert card featuring a haunting, faceless group of women. All the standard Muslimgauze elements present here, but this release sees a more steady approach to his sound. Far less of the abrupt cutting in and out he had favoured for a good while, and more of a concentrated approach to the music. He lets the sounds linger a good while longer than usual here, and while not ambient in nature, there are lingering passages of sound that surface from the mix and take centre stage. The beats take a back seat this time around, though they are still a prominent part of the proceedings. Track 9 is completely beatless, and a prime example of the drama Muslimgauze can pull out of a hat - the looped and distorted vocal excerpt is taken and twisted over a push-and-pull two-note melody. There's a soft bass thumping in the distance, and the whole piece is given a tattered reverberation technique. The tracks here are all rather clean sounding, especially in comparison to the last in the limited series, Muslimlim 028, which was more of a gritty, fuzzed-up affair. It's a direction I like to see in his work, as more attention can be given to the instrumentation and composition, both of which are in fine form here.

1. Untitled 03:00
2. Untitled 10:01
3. Sarin And Tabun 05:09
4. Nadir Of Purdah 05:18
5. Untitled 03:17
6. Untitled 04:48
7. Untitled 05:45
8. Untitled 06:25
9. The Taliban 02:44
10.Beauty Of Sharia 09:40
11. Untitled 01:42