Kaleidoscope #21 - Decoding Curating

Kaleidoscope #21 - Decoding Curating
Author: Alessio Ascari (Ed.)
Publisher: Kaleidoscope Press
Language: English
Pages: 154
Size: 22 x 28.6 cm
Weight: 750 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €15.00
Product Description

Issue 21 – Summer 2014

Alex Gartenfeld by Nicolás Guagnini; Sarah Rifky by Laura McLean Ferris; Hanne Mugaas by Gerd Elise Mørland; Anthony Yung by Pauline Yao; Luca Lo Pinto by Ilaria Gianni

“Curating Non-Profit” moderated by Jason Hwang; “Curating Large Scale” moderated by Chris Sharp; “Curating The Internet” moderated by Karen Archey; “Curating The Gallery” moderated by Alessio Ascari

MONO - John Armleder
Interview by Andrea Bellini; Essay by Jeanne Graff

Futura: Femi Adeyemi by Hans Ulrich Obrist; Pioneers: Bob Nickas by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen; Panorama: Los Angeles by Jesi Khadivi; Producers: Stephan Trüby by Carson Chan; Vis-à-Vis: “The Art of Food” by Francesca Gavin

INSERTS: “Portraits of Society” curated by Nicholas Cullinan; Robert Mapplethorpe curated by Elad Lassry; “Coupling” curated by Piper Marshall