Jetzt Berlin

Jetzt Berlin
Author: Sune Nordgren, Ann-Marie Björklund, Lena Sjögren (Eds.)
Publisher: Malmö Konsthall
Language: German, Swedish
Pages: 160
Size: 13.5 x 20 cm
Weight: 300 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

When the improbable happened and the Wall was tangibly torn down, the world's interest was refocused on Berlin as the absolute center of Europe. This culmination of the revolutionary year 1989 also became a springboard to a development that was as hopeful as it was painful. All borders were opened, to meetings and confrontations, to exchanges and conquests - and Checkpoint Charlie became a museum!

As before, Berlin attracted young artists, but after the fall of the wall stronger than ever. People came here from East and West, from all over the world to be present, participating and co-creating in a whirlwind and unique sequence of events.

On September 8, Malmö Konsthall opened the exhibition "Jetzt Berlin" with ten artists who live and work in Berlin. The participants, all in the midst of their most intense phases in their creation and with the most diverse means of expression were: Anne Katrine Dolven, Axel Lieber, Thomas Florschuetz, Simone Mangos, Else Gabriel, Sissel Tolaas, Hans Hemmert, Achim Zeman, Via Lewandowsky and Gerg Zey .

The exhibition was contradictory, a bit tentative and ironic. With sensitive wands, the artists registered the moods and gave the unexpected answers – or asked new questions where there were no clear answers. Together with an experiential framework program, Malmö Art Gallery became a vibrant state of surprises and contrasts - just like the city of Berlin was - a year after the Wall.