James Baldwin - Living in Fire

James Baldwin - Living in Fire
Author: Bill V. Mullen
Publisher: Pluto Press
Language: English
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780745338538
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Product Description

James Baldwin - Living in Fire
by Bill V. Mullen

James Baldwin is an icon of liberation who created some of the most important literary works of his time, including the novels Go Tell It on the Mountain and If Beale Street Could Talk. Here, Bill V. Mullen celebrates the life of the great African-American writer and activist.

As a lifelong anti-imperialist, black queer advocate, and feminist, James Baldwin was a passionate chronicler of the rise of the Civil Rights Movement, the US war against Vietnam, the Palestinian liberation struggle, and the rise of LGBTQ+ rights.

Mullen pays homage to Baldwin's truly radical approach to his life, writing and activism. Constantly in struggle for an anti-racist, emancipated world, Baldwin's philosophy and politics were ahead of their time, predicting many of today's movements such as Black Lives Matter.

The biography of one of the world's most influential African-American writers

Preface to the Paperback Edition
Introduction: James Baldwin—A Revolutionary For Our Time
1. Baptism by Fire: Childhood and Youth, 1924–42
2. Dissidence, Disillusionment, Resistance: 1942–48
3. Political Exile and Survival: 1948–57
4. Paying His Dues: 1957–63
5. Baldwin and Black Power: 1963–68
6. Morbid Symptoms and Optimism of the Will: 1968–79
7. Final Acts
Postscript: Baldwin’s Queer Legacies