Inkanakuntu (LP)

Inkanakuntu (LP)
Author: Muqata'a
Publisher: Souk Records
Size: 31.5 x 31.5
Weight: 400 g
Binding: -
Price: €20.99
Product Description

"Muqata’a – Inkanakuntu, our very first release on our brand new sister beat label, SOUK records.

While we were exploring the world digging for music that exists at the edge of many genres we realised the need to create an(other) adventurous new sublabel in the Discrepant family. SOUK Records aims to bring beats from every corner of the world with the divergent and discrepant taste we’ve been delivering since 2010. It is more than a dance music label. Our focus is on the strains of dance/beat music being created in different cultures, with the influences of the globalized world but still with its own identity.

With that in mind, our first release couldn’t be more on point. Beat master Muqata’a, one of the brains behind the thriving hip hop scene in Ramallah, Palestine, delivers a unique instrumental album. “Inkanakuntu” is more than an instrumental hip hop album, with nods to classic hip hop works and mixed with a downtempo grime feel that captures the urgency and eagerness of UK’s dance culture.

With these eight instrumentals Muqata’a shows how vast and deep his music knowledge is, with a refined taste and a perfect sense of melody moulding. Sometimes it’s real raw, in others we can feel a mellowness and jazz feeling or the perfect pop beat. Make no mistake, Muqata’a is a beats craftsman."