Impulse – Volume 16 Number 1, 1990

Impulse – Volume 16 Number 1, 1990
Author: Peter Day (Ed.)
Publisher: Impulse [b]
Language: English
Pages: -
Size: 21 x 27.4 cm
Weight: 370 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €70.00
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Editorial Assistants: Lisa Henderson and Michael Holmes

Art Direction: William Lam Design Inc.

Table of Contents: Vikky Alexander, ‘Grace’; Gary Barwin, ‘Hallelujah’; Jacqueline Benyes, ‘Maman’; bill bissett, ‘Tree’; Brian Boigon, ‘Theory’; Friesco Boning, ‘Void’; Christopher Butterfield, ‘part/ trap’; Barbara Caruso, ‘AN&D’; Karen Cherry, ‘Conjugal Rights’; Wes Christensen, ‘Concept: U.S. Senator Jesse Helms’; Ruth Cowen, ‘Mirror, Mirror’; Stephen Cruise, ‘Aloneness’; J.W. Curry, ‘”Ich”‘; Simon Cutts, ‘A History Of The Airfields Of Lincolnshire’; Augusto De Campos, ‘Rever’; Peter Downsbrough, ‘As’; Howard Eaglestone and Wendy Frith, ‘Cythera’; Evergon, ‘”Cheese”‘; Douglas Fetherling, ‘Mothertongue’; Ian Hamilton Finlay, ‘Osez!’; ‘Fly’; Yasuo Fujitomi, ‘DAY’; John Furnival, ‘Convulvulus’; Heinz Gappmayr, ‘1’; Will Gorlitz, ‘V’; Lisa Henderson, ‘Disposable’; Dick Higgins, ‘Another Maybe’; Michael W. Holmes, ‘Darg’; Mendelson Joe, ‘Liars’; Brian David J(O(H)N)ston, ‘Hugo Ball Abandoning The Future (Surrealism) In Favour Of The Mystical Concepts Of God And/& Immortality’; Nicole Jolicoeur, ‘Madeleine’; Alex Katz, ‘Alex Katz’; Silvia Kolbowski, ‘Man’; Richard Kostelanetz, ‘Dipsomania’; Louise Lawler, ‘Enough’; Micah Lexier, ‘Making’; Attila Richard Lukacs; Steve McCaffery, ‘William Tell: A Novel’; John McEwen, ‘Naming’; Al McWilliams; Graeme Moore, ‘Study for a one word poem’; Michael Morris, ‘Souvenir’; Ikuo Mori, ‘Earth Of Heart’; Marlene Mountain, ‘unaloud haiku’; David Nash, ‘Comet’; Mary Margaret O’Hara, ‘Egg’; James Pierce, ‘Uomo’; Gert Rappenecker, ‘Horizont’; Larry Richards, ‘Overpopulation’; Toshinori Saito (Shuntoku Saito), ‘SAI’; Susan Schelle, ‘Witness’; Alex Selenitsch, ‘everyone / ever one; Takahashi Shohachiro, ‘cosmography for who’; Alison Sky, ‘Fading Fur’; Tom Slaughter, ‘Boat’; Linda C. Smith, ‘Music For John CAGE’; Fiona Smyth, ‘Nepenthe’; Frederic Urban, ‘A’; David UU, ‘Bawdy of Dog for jwcurry’; Lawrence Weiner, ‘BREACHED’; Jonathan Williams, ‘”the least that can be said”‘; Christopher Wool, ‘Trouble’; Ryojiro Yamanaka, ‘Scenery’

During his brief editorship of Impulse magazine, Peter Day inspired us with his activism and advocacy for contemporary art. Peter died on May 29, 1990, just before this issue was to go to press. He wrote the dedication that follows:

He wrote under variants of his forename: Shaunt Basmajian. Shant Basmajian. Sha(u)nt Basmajian. He died on January 25, 1990, aged thirty-nine, and this publication of one word works is dedicated to him.

He had promised to contribute to it, but never had time to submit a piece. In his self-effacing and humble way he would have apologized profusely for this.

Our personal acquaintanceship was short. We had talked on the telephone a couple of times and met twice. He was modest about his own work, overly so, and surprised that others were interested in it.

The last time we met he gave me a book, not one of his, but a collection of works by Marlene Mountain. It was inscribed: “To Brian from Marlene”. He said I should have it.

Sha(u)nt had been given the collection by his colleague Brian David J(o(h)n)ston. Her work was unknown to me. It was Pissed Off Poems and Cross Words (1986). She was a great poet, Shaunt said, someone overlooked and neglected. May day, 1990. l Peter Day

It has been a year since our last issue – and for us, like much of the world, it was a year of dramatic transitions and new beginnings.

Here, briefly, is the story: Last winter, after 15 years as the Executive Editor of Impulse, Eldon Garnet transferred his duties to Peter Day. Peter began selecting One Word Works from the many artists, writers, musicians and photographers featured in this special issue. His untimely death, in the midst of production several months later, threw the magazine into grief, shock and disarray. After much dedicated effort by long-time editors Brian Boigon, Judith Doyle and Carolyn White, the issue was recovered, bit by bit.

I accepted the Executive Editorship late last Fall. There was no question that Impulse would resume its publication with Peter’s One Word Works. It is presented not only with some pride, as a testimony to his vision and talent, but also as a reminder of the magazine’s resilience and collaborative nature.

During its 20 years of publication, Impulse has always stood for creativity and change – and this commitment will continue. To mark this new phase of revitalization and renewal, Associate Editor Gordon Lebredt and I have decided to rename the magazine. Beginning with our next issue, Impulse becomes M5V Magazine. Look for it in September.

–David Clarkson

Condition note: the cover might be in worn conditions due to its long-term storage