Author: La Société Spectrale
Publisher: Pararoja
Language: English
Pages: 32
Size: 18 x 28 cm
Weight: 80 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

1- La Société Spectrale is an open collective of artists (but not only) which has emerged out of DebatikCenter of Contemporary Art.

2- The vast majority of the art produced in Albania in the last three decades, but especially during the last seven/eight years, has almost programmatically avoided antagonism, which in fact underlies the relationship of the individual but also society with the State.

3- La Société Spectrale chose to document sites and events such as the Astiri protest, the River Bank protest, the miners' protest, the National Theatre protest, or the 30 June 2019 election process, precisely because they were sites and events where antagonism was especially heightened.

4- During the filming of “HUNTINGAMES”, La Société Spectrale used a stealth camera, the type used to hunt wild animals but also study them, especially endangered species.

5- In the “HUNTINGAMES” film series La Société Spectrale has tried to trace and capture the existence of an energy which in a still unimaginable future could be transformed into a spark which has the
potential to overturn the status quo itself.

Pararoja is an independent publishing house founded by a group visual artists. Its publications are in the form of “zines” and their production is self-financed. This project was born during July 2020 in Albania and aims to evaluate the alternative editorial handling of the artist's book, fanzine, poster, and other self-produced materials.