Horizonte #5 – Journal for Architecture: Fetish

Horizonte #5 – Journal for Architecture: Fetish
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Publisher: Horizonte
Language: English / Deutsch
Pages: 192
Size: 15 x 23 cm
Weight: 360 g
Binding: Softcover
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"Horizonte No.5 Fetisch combines key concepts, related terms and connotations of contemporary notions of fetishism. Blatant yet invisible, the elusive nature of fetish provoked our investigation. In this issue, we have tried to trace it as it appears in different phenomena, not only in reference to architecture but also in related domains. In all of its manifestations, the fetish appears to be in a persistent and enduring component of cre-ation, action and thought.
As evidenced by the overt heterogeneity among our above deliberations as well as the definitions which we have been confronted with while compiling this issue, we feel it is necessary to admit the difficulty of defining fetish in itself, as separate from some other discourse. Indeed, that which propelled our interest continues to evade us. Nevertheless, the fetish prevails, simultaneously prolific and devastating; it is a substitute for ideology."

Authors of the fifth edition are Beatriz Colomina, Felix Burrichter, Eric de Broche des Comes, Mathias Mitteregger, Andreas Kalpakci, Holger Wilkens, Stefanie Muller, Diogo Pereira & Eric Stephany, Stefan Gregory, Christian Rothe & Markus Postrach, Bernhard Siegert and Ana-Maria Simionovici.