Hatiralar (vinyl)

Hatiralar (vinyl)
Author: Anadol
Publisher: Pingipung
Language: Turkish
Pages: -
Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 280 g
Binding: -
Price: €25.00
Product Description

LP Tracklist

A1 Yapilacak Kadin
A2 Her Seylerin Arasindan Gorundu Bana Bir Ceylan
A3 Gurbet Bekcisi
A4 Zengin Olur Giderim
A5 Orman Yangini
A6 Ya Benimsin Ya Onlarin
A7 Gel Elimi Tut
B1 Hatiralar
B2 Kiralik Ask
B3 Sekiz Sutuna Sekiz Manset
B4 Tahta Sucuk
B5 Sazliklardan Havalanan Havada Asili Kalan

»Hatıralar« tells the retrospective origin myth of Gözen Atila’s project Anadol. Her debut »Çürüyen Yıllar« can only be found in the form of SoundCloud uploads gathering dust, but this second album from 2012 is now being reissued by her home label Pingipung.

The twelve tracks—remixed and in some cases newly edited by Atila for this reissue besides being remastered—were even more strictly inspired by the sound of solo entertainers and B-movie soundtracks than her surprise breakthrough album »Uzun Havalar« from 2019, which has since been followed by »Felicita,« an even more free-form album. The rhythm presets of mini home organs provide the basic framework for the pieces on »Hatıralar,« which are equally humorous and melancholic, poppy and complex.

A touch of folkloristic atmosphere hovers over them just as much as they have a library music character. Yet they are neither sentimental nor wallpaperish, but are rather marked by a hauntological feel: They are permeated by a strange flicker of times gone by—the album title translates to »memories« or even »mementos«—which are transferred into an out-of-time sound and have therefore not lost their radiance even more than a decade after their first release.