Glissando #43

Glissando #43
Author: Glissando
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The newest issue of Glissando magazine gives voice to people from all around the globe to share their experience on curating and diversity. Bringing a diverse array of perspectives, they show how curatorial practices can contribute towards more equal and fairer redistributions of resources, knowledge(s), and experiences, as well as expanding our sense of empathy and justice towards marginal, unusual, or unorthodox practices and bring unexpected collaborations to the fore.

In Glissando #43, guest editor Monika Żyła has created a space for reflection concerning some of the recent curatorial practices in music and sound. It is also a platform for sharing, negotiating, and promoting new curatorial voices, perspectives, ideas, and solutions.

The issue is divided into four larger thematic clusters: Proximities, Tensions, Encounters and Care, consisting of articles that respond to and interact with one another.

All the articles gathered in the first part Proximities consider curating from a situated perspective, and in relationship to space. In Tensions, the articles expose, trace and analyse larger forces and mechanisms that contribute to systemic erasures, enable active

forgetting and even promote the destruction of cultural knowledge and identities. Encounters gathers invaluable perspectives from various intercultural interactions and collaborations. The last part, Care, offers a consequent closure, harking back to the etymology of curating understood as care.

We invite all our readers to embark with us on this journey through diversity and curating, which will hopefully inspire new insights and perspectives.

The issue has been created in cooperation with Sounds Now network.

Managing editor: Monika Żyła

Graphic design / cover design: Paula Kuch-Krawiec

Photos: Monika Żyła, Andoz Krishnadas

2 MONIKA ZYŁA Diversity and curating

8 ELIAS BROWN Beyond the museum analogy
16 ANTONI MICHNIK Chessboard-tenement house? Sixty-four fragments about curating sound art
28 MICHAŁ LIBERA 2 texts on curating 34 KOBE VAN CAUWENBERGHE Anthony Braxton's Creative Orchestra
46 SASHA ELINA Frames, windows, and other elements for curating listening experiences
50 EVI NAKOU Who is in the room? Unpredictable intersubjective bodies in sound curating
54 ANDREAS SOMMER Gatekeeping technologies: mechanisms of male privilege

62 IHLARA MCINDOE Stories and sounds: exploring the Aisteach !ctional archive and the process of becoming in Ireland and Aotearoa New Zealand
72 MASHA KASHYNA Artistic resistance in times of war
82 SONIA MILEWSKA, MARIJN BRIL, LAURA PALMA A yellow phone rings, Are you there?
88 ELHAM PURIYA MEHR Curatorial as an interface
92 JULIA ECKHARDT A precious idiosyncrasy – musical quality and its assessment
98 ADILIA YIP Re-sounding the museum instrument collections through artistic experimentation

104 PAUL N. ROTH, TERESA DÍAZ DE COSSIO Adaptive curatorial practices: exploring the experimental scene in Tijuana and Ensenada
110 EDANE NG "e beauty of not knowing
118 DIANE BARBÉ Perspectivism and collective emotional labour in activist art projects: Re#ections on a haunted residency
130 ELLAN A. LINCOLN-HYDE, JENNY GUILFORD !e Blue Plaques Project: Falling down the spiral of historical, digital, diverse, and community curating
134 MICHALINA BIENKO "e physical perception of sound
138 PHILIPP RHENSIUS Infected by multiples: ideas for curating otherwise

142 KATARZYNA SŁOBODA Staying with the trouble. Choreographies of interdependent curating
146 HANNA GRZESKIEWICZ Curation as care, care as listening