Author: Mads Emil Nielsen
Size: 22.5 x 16 cm
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Binding: Hardcover
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Product Description

Book + CD

FRAMEWORK is a project by Copenhagen-based musician/composer Mads Emil Nielsen.
It consists of 14 hand-drawn graphic scores with simple instructions and a recording for each score.

These short audio pieces are made during 2013 and 2014, based on generative synthesizer patches
and recordings / loops of cymbals and percussion. Furthermore, he received interpretations from artists
such as Andrea Neumann (DE), Marc Méan (CH) and Adam Pultz Melbye (DK).

"The internal logic of this is quite specific - in places it reminds me of Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt's sparse
Synthi studies, yet considerably more fleshed-out and multi-tracked - Nielsen clearly knows his way around
his chosen instrument & the tightly controlled, flitting micro-events that make up each piece's "Orchestra" are extremely well chosen. Nielsen's thought process appears to be at a unique nexus of Cardew-styled pattern-notation experiments & "Live" - or more accurately, "Performed" Electronic Music & this set is definitely one-of-a-kind - plus I haven't seen a hand / home-made edition this thorough since Martijn Hohmann sent over that box of Universaal Kunst editions back in 2010." - Mimaroglu Music, US.