Forms of Formalism N.2

Forms of Formalism N.2
Author: Bert Danckaert, Daniel Everett and Julian Faulhaber (Eds.)
Publisher: Lucia Verlag
Language: English / German
Pages: 116
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Weight: 130 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783945301241
Price: €5.00
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Forms of Formalism N.2
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FORMS OF FORMALISM ist eine Plattform die fotografische Arbeiten und schriftliche Beiträge um den Begriff des Forms sammelt.

Photographs of: Bert Danckaert, Daniel Everett and Julian Faulhaber
Essays by: Tiziana Agus, Matina Kouisdi and Laura Zorzi.

»What is formalism? The countless facets of such a notion keep us inquiring into its nature and possible manifestations. One may assume it is about conception or examination through aesthetic composition, whereas shape and structure — overall technical features — prioritise the medium over content and context. However, since the outset, we’ve been arguing and reflecting on what could represent a meaningful compendium of images and texts under the name of formalism. […] In the grey area between form and meaning, we further this inquiry with the hope of collecting and supplying significant points of view.«
(Einleitung von Louis De Belle)