Author: Eriz Moreno Aranguren
Publisher: self-published
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Product Description

#FALLOPIAJAPONICA is a publication result of an art project about constructing a xeriscape garden consisting of neophyte plant species chosen from the recognition and study of naturalized plants in the Saxony area, taking into account their history and origin in relation to garden beautification.

The images show the scan made on the night on August 6, 2018 of the plant of the species Fallopia japonica located at: 51°20’51.0“N 12°19’40.3”E

The selection of Fallopia japonica plant is based on the species rooted in Saxony’s ecosystem and they could be considered, in most cases, as typical of this landscape, but which originally come from territories strongly affected by the colonization of the European empires. In Germany, Fallopia japonica probably first grazed in 1872 from the site of an abandoned garden center near Zwickau. In addition to the use as an ornamental plant, it was also applied as cover and sown plant, as cattle feed for embankment attachment and was initially considered as an asparagus substitute. In this sense, the case of invasive plants can be observed as an example of our own world, where the human tries to take control of the environment, and the invasive plants represent the entropy of the supposedly controlled systems. A there-and-back effect where aspects of economic or geopolitical expansionism have resulted in environmental paradoxes through which the colonizing countries have been invaded by fauna and flora from the colonized countries.

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