European Cowboys 2

European Cowboys 2
Author: Bernhard Cella
Publisher: -
Language: English
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Weight: 250 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

Set and Performers
Vehicle 1: sound system, lDJ, 1 driver
Vehicle 2: drinks, 1 bartender, 1 driver
Vehicle 3: 100 pirated copies of a publication on alcohol and art, 1 bookseller, 1 driver

Bernhard Cella's performance uncovers the artistic potential of everyday situations associated with physical and mental mobility.

The artist draws up scenes of European lockdown cowboys misappropriating props of lost urban life, celebrating memories of authentic knowledge sanctuaries, uninhibited revealing in open public spaces and inebriation with the flow of social interaction.

Cella manipulates and strings together various aesthetic aspects of fading cultural artifacts and, in collaboration with an art audience, produces a transformed experiential space-for a limited time only.