Escenas Catalanas: errancias antropológico-sexuales

Escenas Catalanas: errancias antropológico-sexuales
Author: Frau Diamanda / Héctor Acuña
Publisher: La Máquina
Language: Spanish
Pages: 119
Size: 13.5 x 22.5 cm
Weight: 190 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788412523409
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Product Description

(Second edition)

As a project of neobaroque transvestite writing, the work develops a form of sexual wandering and the political agency of a migrant subaltern body, whose sexual tool is the basis for an analysis and direct criticism of over-imposed heteronormativity. The editorial project presents the object in a book format, although the work has spanned many hybrid forms, such as performance, installation, video, and photography. It has also been sonically presented as a musical object with spoken word in a cassette format, including collaborations with Spanish and Peruvian sound artists under the label Nuevo Sonido Nacional Barcelona.

Frau Diamanda / Héctor Acuña is a transvestite audiovisual artist of Peruvian origin living in Barcelona since 2016. She is a translator, writer, independent curator, cultural agent, dj, and actress, specializing in transgender art and multimedia performance. She completed the PEI Independent Studies Program of MACBA in 2018, and has for some years been developing a writing practice and neobaroque aesthetics from their position as a migrant sudaca transvestite.